Our Mission

There exists a variance in eye appeal among third party graded comic books even within the same certified grade. There are examples which are clearly identifiable to an advanced collector or dealer as being strong in grade and sometimes the perceived value of these items can be substantially higher than that of a less attractive example.

The need for CVA in the comic book marketplace is the inevitable result of the subjective aspects of grading, even with established third-party certification. Regardless of the high quality of work performed by CGC, the further distinction of examples with superior quality within a particular assigned grade is necessary. Collectors and dealers make this distinction, but not in a way that is systematic, traceable, or recognizable to the less experienced.

CVA’s mission is to enable collectors, dealers, and investors with a wide range of experience levels to quickly and easily identify examples with outstanding relative eye appeal. In so doing, it allows for these examples to be readily distinguished within online buying and selling environments where comic books cannot be inspected in person before a purchase is made. 

CVA provides buyers with an additional layer of protection and the ability to make a more informed decision, fostering greater confidence in the quality of their purchases.  Likewise, it enables sellers of CVA-verified comic books assurance and confidence in identifying these examples as being premium-quality in grade and in advertising them accordingly.