What comic books does CVA review?

CVA reviews CGC Universal, Signature Series, and Conserved comic books and CBCS certified comics that are free of restoration. CVA does not review comic books designated Qualified or Restored by CGC or CBCS or comic books certified by companies other than CGC and CBCS.

What does “Exceptional” mean to CVA?

"Exceptional" is defined as a comic book that possesses outstanding eye appeal and superior structure within the numerical grade assigned by CGC.  CVA awards its "Exceptional" sticker only to those comic books that display these characteristics. 

The CVA holographic tamper evident stickers awarded by CVA are as follows:

Silver CVA Sticker - Exceptional example for the grade

Silver CVA Sticker - Exceptional example for the grade

Gold CVA Sticker - Extraordinarily exceptional example for the grade.
Gold stickers will rarely be awarded.


No sticker will be affixed to the holder if the CGC Graded comic book does not possess eye appeal and superior structure that CVA considers to be outstanding for the grade assigned by CGC

If a comic book fails to receive a CVA verification sticker does it mean CVA believes the comic book is over-graded?

NO! Two comic books in the exact same CGC or CBCS grade can exhibit different eye appeal.  That does NOT mean one book is accurately graded, and one is not.  Eye appeal is one of numerous factors contributing to a CGC or CBCS assigned grade.  However, "Exceptional" eye appeal is the critical factor in applying the CVA Exceptional sticker. 

When dealing with the subjective nature of grading the inescapable truth is that some do not possess superior eye appeal for the assigned grade, and others do.  CVA's assessment that the CGC or CBCS graded comic book does not warrant it’s sticker, DOES NOT mean that CVA believes the comic book has been overgraded. It simply means that it does not outstanding eye appeal and superior structure for the grade assigned by CGC or CBCS..   CVA will reject many accurately graded comic books. We are simply looking for the outstanding ones in grade.

For quality-conscious collectors, dealers, and investors, a comic book with a CVA Exceptional sticker will have significant meaning.